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Treatment and Rehabilitation

Australis Medical provides a complete range of workplace health services, all carefully and efficiently delivered with excellent communication to all parties.

Using the great physiotherapists and psychologists we are located with, our treatment and rehabilitation services use a biopsychosocial approach to achieving a successful rehabilitation. By addressing all contributing factors to the illness or injury, and by communicating promptly and clearly with all parties, a successful return to work is more likely to be achieved.

We combine our broad knowledge of workplaces with appropriate communication with the employer so that our workplace-based recommendations are suitable for both employer and employee. We are happy to visit workplaces to engage with management and the employees.

Occupational Physician Early Intervention
This assessment is designed for situations where medical or occupational issues suggest that recovery and return to work may be more complex. Examples include difficulty accessing appropriate medical care, multiple medical and/or psychological issues, and occupational tasks or environment that require careful return to work planning. Early intervention in these situations can make the difference between a successful rehabilitation and return to work, and chronic medical problems and loss of job.

These are priority assessments for our team, and include a thorough medical evaluation, appropriate communication with other medical providers, case managers and the workplace, and where useful a visit to the workplace and meetings with involved parties. We then provide clear and well-communicated recommendations on management and return to work planning. Where appropriate, we can continue to manage the employee until successfully back at work. 

Complex Rehabilitation
Where there has been significant amount of time away from work, it can be a challenging process to rehabilitate someone back to their previous job. Yet there are clear physical, psychological and financial benefits of a return to work for both employees and employers.
Our Occupational & Environmental Medicine doctors are able to review complex cases and coordinate a team approach using the biopsychosocial model to help return the employee to work.
This always involves professional and clear communication with all parties including the client, the General Practitioner, other medical providers if required, case managers, and workplaces, within the requirements of the Privacy Act and other related professional codes of conduct. 

Occupational & Environmental Illness
Occupational & Environmental Medicine doctors are trained to assess and manage the health effects of occupational and environmental hazards, including chemical and biological exposures, and mental health issues. We can investigate situations of suspected health effects from occupational and environmental exposures, as well as instigate appropriate management. 

Management of Strains, Sprains, and Pains
Prompt assessment of strain and sprain injuries with appropriate work capacity certification are essential to managing workplace injuries effectively. We work in partnership with several Christchurch physiotherapy practices to provide integrated medical care for workplace injuries. As we have excellent knowledge of the workplace, the physical rehabilitation plans take work capacity into account, producing an optimal overall recovery. In addition, we provide rapid feedback to both rehabilitation case managers and
the workplace creating a clear and consistent plan for recovery.

Good early intervention and management of workplace injuries have been shown to save significant costs associated with insurance levies and workplace absences, whilst improving employee morale. 


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